My MegaDesk Build

I recently finished my MegaDesk project. Here are the specs:

  • 11 feet wide x 39 inches deep finished butcher block top
  • leg-less design with lots of wood infrastructure underneath to support it
    • Supports that are anchored to the 2x6 studs
    • Horizontal support anchored to studs
  • More outlets (there was only 1 lone outlet in this office originally)
  • Cat6 and Coax in keystone jacks
  • Cable pass-through tubes for clean cable management
  • Insulation!
  • 5/8" thick sound dampening drywall
  • Cool triangular floating shelves (maybe I’ll put some plants on them)
  • Wall-mounted ultrawide monitor (Samsung CGR9)
  • Cables for LEDs / speakers on the shelves
  • Code that drives the LEDs is here

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