WLED on a Novostella Flood Lamp

I recently bought a pair of Novostella 20W Smart LED Flood Lights. These lights are RGBCW (Red/Blue/Green/Cold/Warm) and use the ubiquitous ESP8266 controller on the Tuya TYLC4-IPEX.

From the previous blog post we learned that the ESP8266 is connected to the LED controller in the following way:

  • GPIO 04: PWM Channel 1 (Red)
  • GPIO 05: PWM Channel 5 (Color Temp)
  • GPIO 12: PWM Channel 2 (Green)
  • GPIO 13: PWM Channel 4 (White)
  • GPIO 14: PWM Channel 3 (Blue)
  • GPIO 0-3,6,7,11,1: Not used

My particular version of this Novostella Flood Light had the latest version of their software, which means I did have to break the glass and solder up a programmer to flash WLED on it.

I tried using the Web-based WLED installer, which did work, except for some reason the settings would not persist across reboots. Instead I flashed WLED manually, and after that it worked fine.

Novostella WLED Settings

Once WLED has been flashed, you must next configure WLED for this light fixture.

  • Red: GPIO 4
  • Green: GPIO 12
  • Blue: GPIO 14
  • White: GPIO: 13
  • Color Correction: GPIO: 5
WLED LED Settings

This configuration will give you an additional slider for the White LEDs, and then one more slider for color temperature (CCT).

I additionally set these settings to make WLED automatically use the white LEDs for me:

WLED LED White Settings

But this is a matter of taste and application. See the WLED CCT Docs for more information about how to use the White+CCT settings.

In Action

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