Boom-Boom Classes?

I was talking with my girlfriend recently, and I told her that her “RA Class” (RA is short for resident assistant, someone who lives on campus to assist other residents) is a “Boom Boom” class. She is from Niceville and had never heard of the term. I knew it as a slang term for a low level class that required no effort, taken simply for credit.

In an effort to locate some sort of source for my definition besides anecdotes of the people I knew, I was only able to find other personal references (myspace, facebook) coincidentally from people in Tampa. Turns out that this term appears to originate specifically from Tampa!

Here is my evidence:

  1. Urban Dictionary Claiming this fact

  2. Google Results only turning up myspace pages in Tampa and Arizona?

  3. More Google on forum hits, again only Tampa and Arizona specific things

  4. Nothing on Wikipedia

  5. That is all I have. Its mostly anecdotal.

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