Ettercap's Author's Birthday!

Today is the Birthday of AloR, the author of the amazing tool, ettercap.

You can see that because it is his birthday, he asks that you email him. I happily obliged.

Ettercap is an amazing tool. Not only does it have a console, curses, and graphical versions, it can be scripted, hacked, used with plugins, and the list goes on. Here is a screen shot of it in progress:

Here is the everyday use senario:

  1. Find a network

  2. Scan for all hosts on that network

  3. Start a man-in-the-middle attack and pose as the gateway

  4. all your traffic belongs to us!

  5. …….

  6. Load wireshark and profit!

But seriously, Ettercap has many tools and features to help you explore networks, for malicious or research purposes.

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