Giving My WRT54GL a 2G Drive

The WRT54GL is a pretty cool little toy. Yes it is a router with a cheezy web interface for grandmas with ESSID’s named “linksys”. But you can flash it with your own linux and solder in your own SD card to turn it from a 4MB machine to a 2GB machine… far out!

Above it the bare board that I’ve unscrewed out of the thing. Some solder + a card…..

Now we are talking. For the record this thing is exremely well documented and has a large userbase. I had no problems figureing out how to solder this in. If you want to go to the source of this type of documentation:

Now all I have to do is format and mount it…

Holy cow it worked. 2G. Now all I have to do is chroot into it. Doing a time on a DD gives about 160kBytes/Second. Now I will turn this into something amazing……..

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