Help Expose Scientology

 One of my personally favorite websites is (You may have noticed the cameo in episode 1.) Founded in 2001, an uncountable number of spoofs have been made, and are stored at the sister site, There you can setup your own account and create your own YoureTheManNowDog’s! I love it.

Also, being in Tampa, I live close to the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater. Recently a YoureTheManNowDog has been created that exposes some of the terrible things that the church of Scientology has done. They are a very dangerous cult using blackmail, scare tactics, and a strong legal team to achieve their ends.

Many people don’t know the specifics about their beliefs, nor are they aware of the underhanded tactics they use to shut down those who oppose them. I encourage everyone to see this ytmnd, then read on for how to help. (Click on the image below to see it in a new window.)

 Seen it? Terrible isn’t it. But what can we do? Expose. How? Google bomb . If you are not familiar with the term, here is the Wikipedia article on it. Basically the procedure makes a certain page come to the top of search results for a certian term. In this case, the ytmnd will come up when someone searches for the word, Scientology. Then anyone looking for information will be shown the truth.

You can help! If you have any web page, blog, forum, in your signature, mailing list, anything, create links! Anywhere you use the word, Scientology, link it to The more links in place, the more Google’s search algorithm will believe it is the webpage most relevant to the word, Scientology. That is it! Simple. A successful Google-bomb will bring this site to light, and put Scientology under even more scrutiny. Perhaps over time the word Scientology will be associated with its horrific deeds, and be put to an end.

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