How to Fix a Power Plug with Sugru!

I have a first generation Asus Eeepc, but the power plug is failing. All plugs do this eventually. Lots of tiny wires, bending back and forth all the time… It just happens.

So should I throw it away and buy a new one? No! It can be easily fixed. Here is what you need:

  • Soldering Iron + Solder
  • Flux helps if you have it (If you have not soldered with flux, you are missing out big time)
  • Heat shrink or electrical tape
  • Sugru can add a nice touch

Start by using a sharp blade to cut off the plastic molding around the connector to expose the raw barrel connector and wires:

Now your soldering skills will be put to the test. Flux helps! Don’t forget to put the heat shrink on first before you solder:

Yea, the sugru, graciously provided by DangerJim could use an artist’s touch.

But it works! Looks pretty good.

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