My First Published Puppet Module: bios


I’ve written lots of crappy Puppet modules. Here is a slightly less crappy module that can help you configure BIOS settings on your servers for you.

It works on Dell C class servers and Intel platforms. Please pull request or email me if you want to have it work on something else too!


BIOS settings should be considered configuration just like any other configuration, and hence managed by your configuration management tool, if possible.


Install it:

puppet module install KyleAnderson/bios

Here are some examples on how to use it:

# Easy to set turbo on a dell 
bios::setting {'turbo_mode': value => 'disabled' } 

# Intel requires some more hand holding with turbo. You set 1/0 and expect Enabled/Disabled.. 
bios::setting {'Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology': value => '0', expect => 'Disabled', section => 'Processor Configuration' }

# Set fan speed on intel: 
bios::setting {'Fan PWM Offset': value => '100', section => 'System Acoustic and Performance Configuration' }

# Disabled Cstates on dell:
bios::setting {'c_states': value => 'disabled' }
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