New/Old Laptop: Ubuntu Montage

You may remember my old laptop from such posts as this.

Well it broke, so I bought another one!

It even has the original stickers. But.. Its slower than I remember. So I’m trying out different Ubuntu versions to see what boots the fastest. Here are my methodology and results.

Methodology: The first number is the ammount of seconds from the 0 in the grub countdown till the X in the initial X-server. The second number is the seconds till the firefox screen pops up after I click it while its booting (with auto login enabled.) The reason for this is to account for the total time till my computer is usable. (internet) This is with no performace tweaks, and keeping the default settings. (except enabling auto-login)

Time Till X
Time till Firefox

Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 7.10

Xubuntu 8.10

Xubuntu 7.10

Yea so I got tired after all those versions. Maybe I’ll come back. So far though I like xfce (I use it on my eeepc (which has numbers of 1:39, 2:05 on xubuntu 8.04….)

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