Puppet on OpenWrt!



  • Github Repo is here: https://github.com/solarkennedy/puppet-on-openwrt/

  • OpenWrt package files are submitted for inclusion

  • Puppet/facter patches have been included in Trunk for inclusion in puppet 3.2

  • Binary packages have been made for early adopters (and me)


To scratch my own itch, and for Fun!


Downloads are here: http://download.xkyle.com/openwrt/

Because of the dependencies, it is probably easier to add the repo:

. /etc/openwrt_release
VERSION=`echo $DISTRIB_RELEASE | cut -f 1 -d -`
TARGET=`echo $DISTRIB_TARGET | cut -f 1 -d /`
LINE="src/gz puppet-packages http://download.xkyle.com/openwrt/$VERSION/$TARGET"
grep -q "$LINE" /etc/opkg.conf || echo "$LINE" >> /etc/opkg.conf

Then run:

opkg update; opkg install puppet


Running Puppet on OpenWrt is still far from perfect. There are going to be lots of bugs to be worked out. There are many use-cases / puppet modules / openwrt targets that I am not testing. If you think there is something wrong that could use fixing, feel free to open a Github Issue. I don’t want to bother upstream OpenWrt or Puppet with questions until things are better tested.

To reiterate: Don’t comment on the blog if something doesn’t work. Open a Github Issue. And yes, things are going to be broken. Lets work together to fix them one at a time.

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