Putting the Clock Together

We have finally built enough pieces of the clock together to get some digits! It basically comes down to a white wooden box, a piece of cardboard with the LEDs wired, running to a RJ45 jack. Then a stryofoam cutout painted black, with a white piece of paper and plexyglass on top for a face.

Here is the template with wired LEDS: p1000194.JPG

A multitude of completed digits (still missing the blank faceplate). p1000196.JPG

Painting the boxes: p1000198.JPG

This is an experiment with reflective tape: (didn’t make a difference) p1000200.JPG

And yet even more boxes are coming: p1000204.JPG

Here is the magic controller: (A little messy, not finished) p1000205.JPG

And the outputs of the controller: (Just cat5 connectors, cheap!) p1000206.JPG

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