Rebuilding Packages for ARM (or any other arch)

Sometimes there are packages out there that don’t come in your cool new Architecture. In my case it is ARM, and the package I wanted was Puppet. Here is how to rebuild source packages the cool way.

Add the Puppet repo so you can get fresh source packages

cd /tmp
# Add the repo, even though it may not have arm binaries...
dpkg -i puppetlabs-release-precise.deb
# Get dependencies...
apt-get update
apt-get build-dep puppet facter

Build / Install

# Get sources..
apt-get source facter
cd facter-1.7.1
cd /tmp
dpkg -i facter_1.7.1-1puppetlabs1_armhf.deb


Facter is easy. Only one extra missing dependency that you can apt-get.

Next try to build puppet. No problem, except when you try to install it, it depends on Hiera.

Build Hiera, install it, then try puppet again. This process takes a while to build up all the dependencies.

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